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Micky’s Macro-Friendly Meals eBook

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Because staying on track does not mean you have to miss out on the foods you love!

I don’t believe in rigid meal plans in order to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle! I prefer to¬†educate my clients about nutrition and creating a sustainable relationship with food, which promotes long-term results.

I created this ebook to help show you that you don’t have to eat “boring” foods to be healthy. I hope these recipes inspire and encourage you to create delicious yet HEALTHY meals and to erase that feeling of ‘missing out’!

Many people calculate their macros and then think “now what?” – this eBook is a tool you can use to build your own meal plan based on your macros while actually including the foods you love!

What’s included:

  • 50 Macro-Friendly Meal/Snack Ideas
    – High Protein
    – Quick & Easy
    – Tried & Tested
    – Breakfast, Lunch/Dinner & Snacks
    – At-Home & On-The-Go Meals
    – Delicious!
  • Build Your Own Meal Plan Template
  • Handy Tips on Weighing & Understanding Nutritional Labels
  • My Favourite Macro-Friendly Brands
  • Discount Codes


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