One-on-one Coaching


We Help Women Eat & Train How They Want Without Sabotaging Results!

As a coach, I see a big gap in the market with “personalised training”. Short-term challenges can be a great way to kick-start your goals, but nothing compares to having 1:1 support from a qualified coach and sports nutritionist that create a Custom Program to your specific goals and needs.

Take the guesswork out and instead put your time and energy into executing the plan provided for you to get results!



.All Custom Coaching Features:

  • Custom Training Program (Updated every 4-6 Weeks)
  • Custom Nutrition (Flexible Dieting approach – Calories and Macros will be provided)
  • Training and or Macro adjustments as needed 
  • Checkins either weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
    (VIP, Premium, Lifestyle or Membership)
  • Technique Video Feedback
  • Guide to Nutrition Booklet (Explaining Macros, Food Choices etc)
  • Mickys’ Macro Friendly Recipe E Book
  • FREE Enrolment into Education Portal with ON DEMAND videos on training & nutrition + 30 min yoga sessions
  • Log in Access to Trainerize App where you will track all of your workouts, weights, reps, and will link to your My Fitness Pal so I can see you hitting macros
  • Demonstration videos for each exercise to show correct form and technique
  • Progress Tracker on the app – upload your progress photos as well as your girth measurements each fortnight onto the app to track
  • Invitation to Local Training Days & MPF Events
  • Entry into our MPF Community Custom Forum with Live Videos and updates from Micky & Jaz
  • Support – you can send me through any questions that you might have each week in your checkins – we are here to give you 110% support to help you reach your goals
    ALL COACHING has a Secure & Set up Fee as well as a 12 or 16 Week Minimum Contract. 
    (Rolling Contract – one week notice cancellation after this, in conjunction with the end of a training block)

VIP Coaching with Micky (Top Tier)
by application only

This Coaching option is NOT for everyone, it is our highest value coaching package for those who are serious about achieving their goals.
Are you reading this sick of trying to achieve your goals and never seem to be able to get there?
Maybe you’ve tried other programs before but struggled to see any progress?
Let’s change that! 

I am PASSIONATE about helping women. So if you are;
Ready to TAKE CONTROL ready to COMMIT, INVEST and to put in the work! This is for you!
VIP Coaching is the ONLY coaching service to get:
1:1 Exclusive Access to Micky,
Custom Training and Nutrition,
Voice Messaging Support,
Loom Video Checkins,
Custom Meal Plan,
If you have a specific goal and you’re ready to INVEST in yourself physically, mentally and financially
APPLY BELOW & I will be in contact!

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Premium Coaching With Jaz $99.95pw 

Custom Training & Nutrition
Fortnightly Video Checkins with extensive feedback and highest level support!
Example Meal Plan/Day of eating if required

$1777 Upfront
$299 Secure & Set Up +
$99.95 AUD per week


Lifestyle Coaching

Custom Training & Nutrition +
Fortnightly written in depth checkin feedback from your coaches

$1111 Upfront
$199 Secure & Set Up +
$79.95 AUD per week

MPF Membership

Custom Training & Nutrition +
Monthly written in depth checkin feedback from your coaches

$555 Upfront
$99 Secure & Set Up +
$39.95 AUD per week

For all other enquiries or about Competition Preparation
please email mpfcoaching@gmail.com

Email Me <