I’ve never been ‘overweight’ or ‘unfit’ as I was always active from a young age playing sports such as touch footy, netball, tae kwon do and athletics.

But growing up I began to struggle with self image, I became obsessed with the fitness craze but focused mostly on the aesthetics. I was skinny, weak and not fuelling my body with the right foods for energy. I began to struggle to find a healthy balance between fitness, food, my lifestyle and relationships. I went to the extreme of being so strict and restrictive, eventually I would ‘binge’ and always ended up feeling confused and out of control. I used to think that cardio and cutting calories was the answer to reaching a lean, toned physique. Boy was I wrong. I felt weak and limited to the things I should be doing/eating and even felt guilty if I ate something deemed ‘bad’ or not ‘clean’. One day I got fed up with feeling stuck in this cycle, and decided to get educated on exercise and nutrition and have never looked back!

Fast forward many years and that Micky feels like a distant memory. I have found and learnt how to live a healthy balanced lifestyle whilst reaching my goals and staying lean, strong AND healthy year round. Not only did I change my body composition but my approach to fitness, my goals, even my attitude and outlook on life has done a complete 180. I feel energised, empowered, healthy and STRONG. Most importantly learnt to love myself and feel comfortable in my own skin, not only how it looks but appreciate the things my body is capable of doing!

The hardest part for me was definitely the mental aspect and changing my thought process and obsession with ‘calories’, understanding that food is fuel, carbs aren’t the enemy, they give me energy and understanding how much to be eating and why. After being in the industry for just a short while I found that the issues I struggled with are so much more common than I thought, which lead me to get educated, start weight training and I’ve never looked back since!

I am now a fully qualified Personal Trainer, CHFI Performance Nutrition Coach and Fitness Model. I compete as a Fitness Model in ICN having competed in two shows, The first was a Sydney show – ICN South Coast Classic 2017 where I placed first in three divisions and won Fitness Model Overall Champion. The second show I competed in was the ICN Australian National Titles in Melbourne, Australia.

Combining my passion for exercise with education it lead me to fall in love with this industry and wanting to help others understand and take control of their bodies and lives. I see too many women struggling to feel good in their own skin, with so much contradictory information, diets and health fads in the industry it leaves so much room for confusion, self doubt and for people to become overwhelmed. I aim to help each and every one of my clients to find their healthy balance and get them to reach their goals, not by just giving a standard meal plan and leave them to do the guessing but by educating them to better understand their bodies and how to reach their goals WITHOUT unmaintainable crash diets and health fads. I focus on HIIT and Strength Training offering both Performance Nutritional Coaching and Blended Exercise and Nutritional Programs.

I believe knowledge is power and there is nothing more important than understanding how your body works and what works best for YOU! Let me help you find your healthy balance and live a healthier and happier life.