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Travelling GF & Fitness – Bali Trip 2017

Hey Guys!

So as some of you know from my Instagram I’ve just returned home from a trip to Bali! It was absolutely amazing as per usual – I love everything about Bali. The amazing villas, the people, the relaxed vibe, the food! I absolutely LOVE travelling and one day wish to make travel a part of my job in the fitness industry!

Which leads me to todays’ topic which is Travelling and Fitness and how to manage an intolerance while travelling!

Generally when I travel I do still workout and stay active, but not at the same rate I would when I am at home. For a few reasons – my fitness goals are for the most part to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle, something that is maintainable! I enjoy travelling and trying new foods etc so I don’t ever want to restrict myself or create a bad relationship with food just because I also wish to stay fit. I believe everything in moderation. Therefore, when this holiday came around I actually did not train for the full 10 days I knew it was only a short trip and wanted the rest – I did obviously stay active through walking, stand up paddleboarding etc but for the most part just relaxed and I actually REALLY needed that! I have been training consistently for the past 3-4 years and for the first time in forever was feeling quite unmotivated before I left. So that break from the gym and from my normal routine was exactly what I needed to get myself motivated again – Now that I am home I’ve set myself some goals and I am so motivated and ready to smash them!

But flash back to my Europe holiday last July and I trained every second day or so because I knew it was a long trip and not only did that give me energy for the day but it kept me feeling lean and kept my strength and physique throughout the trip.

SO. Now I am rambling but here are a few answers to questions I received about my holidays and also my gluten intolerance while travelling overseas.

Do you track your food when you are overseas?

No, my number one priority overseas is not to eat gluten. I have a Gluten Intolerance and my first priority is probably not to eat that and then everything else in moderation. Remember, my holidays are definitely my DOWN time. I eat intuitively and try not to be too much of a piggie 😀 But I don’t like putting that kind of stress on myself, my holidays are my time to rellaxxx!

2. How do you deal with your Gluten Intolerance ? Do you find it hard to find Gluten Free Foods?

I definitely do find it difficult with my gluten intolerance, it can be hard to find gluten free foods depending where you travel, but to be honest with you this trip everywhere we ate actually had ALOT of GF options which made life a lot easier! HOWEVER, I did actually have a slip up and had a few drinks and ate pizza…. Not a good time! Luckily I do have some tablets which from my naturopath which help with my symptoms! I am such a foodie and get food envy when others are eating yummy things that I can’t have but sometimes it can be a blessing in disguise to eat relatively healthy and unprocessed foods!

3. What would you recommend to eat on a holiday to Bali or Thailand without getting sick?

My favourite Balinese go to was Nasi Goreng or Satay Chicken, like I said a lot of places had gluten free foods, La Lucciola even had gluten free pasta, Motel Mexicola had gluten free tacos as they use corn tortillas rather than flour in some of their tacos. Just ask and make sure the place you are eating at is reputable! Obviously street food is a no go! 😀

4. What do you recommend to do when affected by the intolerance?

It depends how intolerant you are, there are people who are coeliac which is obviously a lot scarier! You would have to be EVER so careful, however with an intolerance it really is such an individual thing, and I think only you will know what is best. Over the years I’ve found that the thing that helps me most are some tablets from the naturopath. As well as taking Digestive Enzymes. My body does not know how to digest gluten so I get lethargic, feel sick and literally have to sleep for about an hour before I feel like I can get up again. Haha our bodies are very strange and different types of gluten affect me differently so it really just is an individual thing – If suffering an intolerance I would go and see a naturopath or doctor to see if they can recommend anything to help any reactions you may have.

5. What workouts would you do on a holiday?

My favourite go to workouts are just HIIT style workouts, body weighted or with bands or resistance bands. I usually download SIT Simple Interval Timer and write up about 9 exercises, decide on a time interval and sets and just try and smash out a 30-45 minute workout in the morning before I start my day.. Afternoons when away really just don’t work for me I need to get up get it done then enjoy the day! Usually every Second day, and will try and add some strength in there! Favourite goto exercises include: Burpees, Push Ups with my feet on a bench, Shoulder Press with band, booty exercises with booty band, mountain climbers, Seated Row with bands!

6. What Tips would you give to someone travelling overseas to keep lean and not ruin progress?

As I’ve previously mentioned I have a really casual approach to holidaying and fitness however, top tips that helped me most in Europe was to drink lots of water, try to get moving every second day, opt to walk, take the stairs (generally when exploring overseas we do A LOT of walking I prefer to walk through the streets rather than driving places to get a feel for the place and get some cardio in!) Try to still eat frequently, try NOT to only have 3 big meals, try to have smaller meals and before you go I would recommend to slowly increase your calories with your workouts to try and bring your metabolism up and active! Digestive enzymes are also good to flush the system as well as a glass of lemon in warm water of a morning!

I hope this has helped give you a slight insight into my trips and how I deal with my intolerance – I will leave it at that for now but stay tuned I will be posting more regular blog posts! 🙂