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Simple Fitness Q&A

Hey guys & gals,

So I decided to finally get on here and create this blog as I get a lot of questions on social media and Instagram about my training, my nutrition, my outlook on fitness fads and just life in general.

Let me start of by saying this is a little strange for me to share with you all personal details of my life. However, as much as I love Instagram and think there is a lot of positive aspects of it, I do find insta can be very one dimensional which is definitely a downfall of the platform.

This blog I will answer the main questions I get asked:

What training I do?

I do predominantly High Intensity Interval Training I do this either with the sessions I create myself or at F45. I also do a lot of weight training, I am a firm believer in weight training especially for women because of the amazing health benefits (I will do a post on why women SHOULD weight train soon). I love getting outdoors for walks and finding new training styles but these two are my most common.

How many times a week do you train?

I train approximately 5-6 days per week sometimes twice a day (cardio based hiit in the morning weights in the evening), purely because I love the feeling that I get after a workout and I’m currently trying to build some more strength that I lost while overseas. Training is not a chore for me at all, rather an awesome release of endorphins. It has become a habit for me to train often and is just part of my routine. I try and get to as many F45 classes I can per week and also do a few weights sessions of an evening per week and one on the weekend. I always ensure I have at least one day of full rest per week sometimes more if I can feel my body is under a lot of stress.

What do you eat day to day?

I could probably talk a lot about my eating (food is definitely my favourite part of life), so firstly I am gluten intolerant and struggle a lot with this. I sometimes even get symptoms from foods that don’t contain gluten such as some fruits, nuts, packed food etc (doctors think I could be intolerant to certain preservatives or ingredients.. however, they have never really given me a straight answer just speculation). So for the past 4 or so years I have kept myself a food diary, which admittedly has helped a lot with my fitness progress. I can keep myself accountable, see where I may have slipped up a little on my eating, and where I could have found more nutrient dense foods to replace the sugar filled foods.

My general Day would look a little something like this – however I always have my protein within 30 mins of training. Remember: This is just an idea of what I eat generally, which doesn’t mean this is all you should eat or exactly what you should eat. I change what I eat very often according to my goals at the time for e.g. if I’m looking to gain strength and muscle and train twice a day I will eat more than below.

Pre workout: Coffee
Morning Workout (I do my morning sessions fasted unless its weights then I’ll have a banana but I keep all my heavier weight sessions till the arvo)
Post workout: Protein Smoothie (One banana, vanilla protein, blend with 5-6 ice cubes)
Brekky: Eggs & avo on quinoa OR corn thins & natural PB OR protein pancakes with chobani
Lunch: Protein & veggies (sometimes a youfoodz meal or stiryfry, tuna & rice etc)
Afternoon: Apple or Protein Ball, cucumber with hummus, corn thins & natural PB, veggie frittatas.
Dinner: Meat & Veg – Eg. Lean mince with veggies & sweet potato OR fish and sweet potato, protein & quinoa, youfoodz etc..

As a general rule I do look at calories in vs calories out and macros HOWEVER, will always choose the nutrient dense foods no matter if they are higher in calories. I like to think about how my body will use the energy that I am feeding it. Like most people I am a massive foodie, and the last thing I want to do is cut out an entire food group ( I will talk more about nutrition on another blog post).

How do I stay motivated?

Like everyone I definitely have days where I feel sluggish and not motivated AT ALL! However, I’ve found that motivation is just a mindset and you honestly just need to do it for yourself. For me what keeps me motivated isn’t the aesthetics or how I look for me it is the endorphins released after that awesome sweaty session or how empowered I feel after hitting a PB in weights. I always feel awesome after a workout no matter how hard it was, and I keep coming back every day to get that feeling again! Sure I have days where I am just really flat but 9.9/10 if I FORCE myself to go, I walk away from that session in such a better mental state than where I started!

TIP: Find something you love doing, get moving and you won’t feel the need to search for motivation.

Anyway guys that is it for today – they are probably the most common and simple questions that I do get asked a lot! I will be trying to post at least twice a week on here so please let me know if you have any topics/ fitness related or not you’d like me to post about!

– Micky.x