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TRANSFORM 2.0: Gym Option





This Challenge starts on 26th April 2021.

This challenge is all about TRANSFORMING in 2021, despite the set backs we face, we are able to still overcome our obstacles and achieve our goals with the right Mindset and Education/tools. This challenge is about creating your best body yet, whether that is creating curves by building muscle, revealing muscle built by shredding body fat, restoring your metabolism with the reverse diet option or maintaining your current shape. Transform is not JUST about aesthetics, it is also about creating a healthy relationship with food, exercise, your body and getting into our best shape mentally too. This is a fitness “challenge” and an educational lifestyle course all rolled up into one!


– You choose your goal (Build, Shred, Reverse Diet or Maintain)
– Eight Week Training Program – split into two 4 week programs
– Beginner or Advanced Training Option
– 2 Upper 2 Lower 1 Full Body Training Split plus cardio and core
– 3 Lower, 2 Upper Training Split plus optional cardio and core
– Custom Macros/Nutrition in accordance with your body type, goals, history, lifestyle, preferences
– Fortnightly Checkins & Adjustments with Micky
– FREE App Access where your program will be delivered
– Ability to link your MFP (My Fitness Pal) to Training APP so Micky can see you tracking your food
– Motivation, Support, Education and LIVE Videos in my #MPF FB Community
– My “Micky’s Macro-Friendly Meals” eBook with 50 Recipes!
– Micky’s Nutrition Guide (how to calculate macros, flexible dieting etc)

– Micky’s “The Plan after the Plan” Post-Challenge Guide

EARLY BIRD OFFER – Limited offer available until 10th April 2021!

.* Strictly NO REFUNDS & the FREE in App Trial is a limited time offer before the challenge starts and is training only. The Challenge will then start on 26th April including Checkins & Custom Macros.*

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Gym Access & Booty Bands
If you have chosen the INSTALMENT PAYMENT OPTION this is currently $30AUD PER WEEK, for 8 Weeks ($240AUD Total). This is in a non refundable contract and with both payment options there is a strict no refund policy. If you miss a payment this will need to be rectified, you may also be liable for a late fee if not rectified within a week.
Ezi Debit has a $5.50 once off admin set up fee with $0.99c transaction fee.

Please email your Client Form, Waiver and Ezi Debit Payment Form (if applicable) to mpfchallenges@gmail.com.


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