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CUSTOM Lifestyle Coaching


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My Custom Training and Nutrition Coaching is perfect for those READY TO MAKE A CHANGE!


This includes a fully PERSONALISED Exercise Program and Nutrition Coaching to suit your body type, goals and lifestyle!

The cost for Lifestyle Coaching is $69.95 PER WEEK on a direct debit basis with a $99.00 Joining Fee:

Lifestyle Coaching

  • Custom training program (training program will be updated every 4 weeks)
  • Custom macros with a Flexible Dieting Approach (macros will be updated when needed)
  • Fortnightly Scheduled Checkins with in depth written feedback from both Micky & Assistant Coach Jaz
  • Technique Video Feedback
  • Guide to Nutrition Booklet (Explaining Macros, Food Choices etc)
  • Mickys’ Macro Friendly Recipe E Book
  • Log in Access to Trainerize App where you will track all of your workouts, weights, reps, and will link to your My Fitness Pal
  • Demonstration videos for each exercise to show correct form and technique
  • Accountability from Senior MPF Coach Jaz & Micky
  • Progress Tracker on the app – upload your progress photos as well as your girth measurements each fortnight onto the app to track
  • FREE access to Education Portal with ON DEMAND videos on all things training & nutrition plus 30 min yoga sessions
  • Invitation to Local Training Days and MPF Fun Shoot Days
  • MPF Custom Coaching Forum with Live Videos and updates from Micky & Jaz
  • Support – you can send me through any questions that you might have each week in your checkins – I am here to give you 110% support to help you reach your goals.

$69.95 AUD per week

$99.00 Joining Fee & Minimum 12 week commitment
(Rolling Contract – one week notice cancellation after this, in conjunction with the end of a training block)

**A Non-Refundable initial payment of $99.95 will be made when you purchase this program. This is to firstly hold your position for coaching. This payment is also for the initial phone call/consultation and set up in the system. Your payments will be on a direct debit basis from there.**

*** This will secure your space and you will then be able to download 3 forms

– Client Questionnaire

– Ezi Direct Debit Form – weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments of  $89.95 per week

– Client Waiver

**** Please fill these forms out and email them back to mpfcoaching@gmail.com ****
Once you’ve secured your space & returned your forms – Micky will call you and set up your program.