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Booty Bands & Mini eBook



NOTE: Shipping for Booty Bands bands is AUS ONLY at this stage – thank you for your understanding.


Let’s build your dream booty!

Booty Bands compliment a weight training regime as the glutes can be trained frequently throughout the week and they respond well to volume through heavy, moderate and light resistance.

I love incorporating booty bands into my training routine as not only a tool for activation, extra form of resistance, but also booty finishers to feel that glute pump/burn!

What you get:

  • 5 Booty Bands (ranging from light to extra heavy resistance) that are as cute as they are effective!
  • 1 Pink travel bag so you can keep them all together.


The eBook provides handy infographics on how to perform my favourite booty band exercises – each exercise has a page of helpful cues, and another page explaining how to do the exercise from start to finish. I also show you how to incorporate them into your training routine with heavier weight training days, booty finishers and full (limited equipment) booty burn workouts which are perfect when working out at home, or while travelling!


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