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Premium VIP Coaching 1:1 w Micky




VIP Premium Coaching is the only coaching 1:1 with Micky. This level of coaching is all about making a BIG change with support EVERY step of the way!

Take the guesswork out of your journey, stop asking yourself “Am I doing the right exercise, eating the right amount, should I be progressing faster than this” and invest in our BEST Coaching Program to give you the EXACT Blueprint to get RESULTS.

We have created this service as we’ve recognised there is a gap in coaching available for people who need the extra support on a day by day basis to keep them ACCOUNTABLE, MOTIVATED and ON TRACK with reaching their GOALS!

This program is MIN 16 Weeks and is for you if you are looking to:

– Lose 6-10kgs 
– Ready to make a BIG Change and finally get RESULTS
– Struggle with your food and need daily support 
– Not sure what or how much to eat to achieve your goal? Or how to handle eating out?
– Want to still eat foods you enjoy, have a social life AND get results
This program is for YOU if you are ready to INVEST in yourself, GET RESULTS, FEEL SUPPORTED and LEARN how to MAINTAIN RESULTS Long Term!

The cost is $189.95 PER WEEK OR SAVE $700 and Pay UPFRONT for $2499 and includes the below:

Point of difference from other coaching options:

  • Free Initial Consult Call (45 minutes)
  • Custom training & nutrition coaching (program updated 4-6 weeks & adjustments whenever needed)
  • CUSTOM MEAL PLANS from a Sports Nutritionist PLUS learn to Flexible Diet
  • Weekly Checkins from your coaches
  • PRIORITY CLIENT with DAILY Whatsapp Support M-F from your coaches
    (Voice Messaging, Check Food labels, Help with eating out off menus, Training Videos etc)
  • ZOOM Progress & Strategy Call every 4-6 weeks
  • All delivered through MPF app & whatsapp
  • Technique Video Feedback
  • Guide to Nutrition Booklet (Explaining Macros, Food Choices etc)
  • Mickys’ Macro Friendly Recipe E Book
  • Log in Access to  App where you will track all of your workouts, weights, reps, and will link to your My Fitness Pal
  • Demonstration videos for each exercise to show correct form and technique
  • Priority Accountability from MPF Coaches
  • Progress Tracker on the app – upload your progress photos as well as your girth measurements each fortnight onto the app to track
  • FREE access to Education Portal with ON DEMAND videos on all things training & nutrition plus 30 min yoga sessions
  • Invitation to Local Training Days and MPF Fun Shoot Days
  • MPF Custom Coaching Forum with Live Videos and updates from Micky & Jaz
  • Support – you can send me through any questions that you might have each week in your checkins – I am here to give you 110% support to help you reach your goals.


$189.95 Joining Fee & $189.95 pw Minimum 16 week commitment = $3229.15 total program cost
(Rolling Contract – one week notice cancellation after this, in conjunction with the end of a training block)

** Please note there is a VERY LIMITED SPACE POLICY ONLY for this service at any one time due to the nature of this service & spaces will be updated online and socials or please reach out!**

**A Non-Refundable initial payment of $189.95 will be made when you purchase this program. This is to firstly hold your position for coaching, your initial consult and set up. Your payments will be on a direct debit basis from there.**

*** This will secure your space and you will then be able to download 3 forms

– Client Questionnaire

– Ezi Direct Debit Form – weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments of  $169.95 per week

– Client Waiver

**** Please fill these forms out and email them back to mpfcoaching@gmail.com ****
Once you’ve secured your space & returned your forms we will create your program and get you started!


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