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Mickys Lean Legs 40 minute HIIT workout

A month ago I spent the day with director of Tone Fitness Apparel, Elise Bonner. I ran through my 40 minute HIIT workout in her fitness apparel which I absolutely loved and here was the result. You can see her blog post on their website along with their apparel at:


Mickys Lean Legs 40 minute HIIT Workout
Want to know how Micky gets her rock-hard abs? What about those toned arms? Okay well let’s just do one thing at a time! Let’s start with her legs! Micky has shared her Lean Legs 40 Minute HIIT Workout with us & we need to share it with you!


45 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest between each exercise, with 4 rounds of each triset (12 minutes in total). Then a 60 second break between each triset.


Dynamic stretching is super important beforehand! Examples include butt kicks, step forward lunge open chest, squat jumps, high knees, side to side lunges, push ups & arm circles.



1. Skipping
2. Squat & upright row
3. Reverse lunge & knee up

Rest 60 seconds

4. KB push up & deadlift
5. Lunge jumps
6. Sumo squat/Pop squat

Rest 60 seconds

7. KB one leg deadlift
8. Stair jumps / Frog jumps
9. High knees


Set yourself fitness goals! When setting goals we associate them mostly toward aesthetics. Try setting yourself goals in your abilities to perform a certain exercise; in strength, agility, speed or sport. This is a lot more fulfilling and the aesthetic results will follow.

Keep yourself accountable! Buy a cheap journal or notebook to use as a food diary. Healthy eating and finding what works for your body can be difficult so self-reflection & improvement is the way to go. Write down every single thing you eat each day (even if it is a bit naughty) to keep yourself accountable and look back on. This will help you recognise any areas that can be improved on or any foods that you can substitute for a better alternative.

Keep motivated! Motivation is all mindset. My motivation is the feeling I get after a good workout. It is honestly like a high and keeps me coming back for that feeling every day. To get to this point create a positive mindset about exercise by doing what you love. Choose your favourite exercises – if you don’t like exercise find a gym with a great atmosphere, get a training buddy or take your workout outdoors. Just ensure you are enjoying some aspect of your training, stick to it and incorporate it into your routine. After no time loss of motivation will be a thing of the past!