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My name is Micky Parker and I am currently completing my Cert 3 & 4 in fitness to become a qualified personal trainer. I have been passionate about health and fitness for many years, and therefore finally decided to take that extra step to become certified and share my love for this industry with you all!

This website & blog is going to be my ‘goto’ for anyone who may have questions for me, enquiries about my bootcamp, personal training, exercises or just to follow this blog.

So a little bit more of my background & what I’ll be posting:

I have always been an active person since I was young playing all types of sport from netball to touch football, afl, gymnastics, tae kwon do for three years, athletics and finally after school got straight into the gym. I have trained consistently since 2011 and could not imagine stopping now! I started off doing les mills classes such as pump and attack, I then got my first personal trainer to show me the ropes and just started from there expanding my knowledge in the gym, creating my own exercise programs, and dragging other along to the gym with me.

I LOVE motivating people (maybe even forcing them to get out of bed) and get into the gym or get exercising and releasing endorphins. I genuinely believe that exercise is superrr effective in improving your moods, changing your perspective and assisting with depression. I honestly do not know why this is not pushed more in society today!

This Blog will get a bit personal at times, will talk about my gluten intolerance, when I went through a phase of fad diets (baddd idea) haha, what kind of exercises I did when I started out, what exercises I do now and whatever else you guys want me to post!